Changelog –


Changelog –

Main changes


Raid mode


A new mode that allows players to have their own troops and raid settlements for loot is finally live! Releasing the mode is another step towards the Strategic Map, so it has many mechanics and features that will also be used once the map is out.



Troops are being given as rewards for winning raid battles and generally playing the game. Rewards for winning rounds of Conquest and Skirmish have been added to a new Loot Chests feature, and you’re also able to find them in The Arena, Hold Your Ground, and simply in the lobby.


When starting a raid, you’re free to decide on starting time and how many troops you would like to send to the battle. Afterwards, you need other players to sign up for your battle in order to use your troops in combat.


Winning a raid obviously gives you a lot of loot to share among your mercenaries, but it’s not an easy task, so try to figure out a good tactic when sieging a castle with your army!


  • Added a Raid Mode.




Castle siege


In order to support the Raid Mode’s battles, a brand new game mode has also been developed. It’s a much more tactical mode, unlike other freely structured modes in the game, which allows attacking commanders to have a multitude of choices when it comes to commanding their army.


It’s a little similar conquest, since it also has a number of objectives to attack, but there are some major differences as well. For example, in order for attackers to win, they have to capture a linked line of objectives on the map from their siege camp to the enemy’s base. Defenders have very different objective, since they have to prevail until the end of the round, forcing them to play as defensively as possible. Both sides could also simply kill each other’s troops of course.


The mode features a castle siege map at the moment, and we’re planning a new map for the next update. The castle has three distinct paths attackers could take when sieging the castle, each with different levels of difficulty for different situations. For example, the right path requires long running time, but has many places to cover from ranged troops. Watch out for ambushes there though! 


  • Added a new battle mode.
  • Added a new castle siege map.




Opening chests


Loot Chests, as mentioned in the Raid Mode’s description, have been added to all game modes in the game, except for 1v1 duels. In order to get them, all you have to do is play the game, and even level ups can give some sweet rewards now!


There is a number of things you can get by opening Loot Chests in the new menu:


  • XP
  • Gold
  • Troops to use in Raid Mode
  • Masterwort to tweak your character’s build
  • Weapons and armours, including special ones


Winning rounds will obviously increase your chances of finding something good in your loot chests by providing higher tier ones, but losing teams will also get some smaller prizes (not for raid battles though, those are much more serious).


  • Added Loot Chests to all game modes.
  • Added a menu for Loot Chests.




Combat changes


First person view


Of Kings And Men has always had the only exclusive camera mode available, which performs well in most cases, but also has some occasional issues. For example, one of the most obvious ones occurs when taking part in combat inside a building or in very close quarters like gatehouses or narrow hallways.


First person view is now available to fix those issue, but also to allow for a much deeper immersion when playing the game. The new camera mode will be improved in later updates based on feedback, but you’re free to use it any time you want by pressing V by default or rebinding it in the settings.



  • Added a First Person View mode.




Small improvements


Continue fighting


There were many requests to tweak the battle scheduling system, since players often don’t want to return to the lobby after finishing their scheduled battle. After gathering all the suggestions, it was decided to implement a new mechanic, which allows to continue playing as long as there are enough players on a server.


There are two scenarios that could occur with the new system:


  • When there are at least six players playing on a server and there are no battles scheduled for the next slot, the game will automatically extend the existing battle. The mode will simply continue without any interruption, so you’ll be able to play for as long as you want.
  • When there is a battle scheduled after the one you’re currently playing, you and other players on a server will be automatically signed up for it, so you don’t have to go to the lobby and join again.


There might be a pretty good chance that there will be a window between the end of a round and the next battle starting. This is why instead of forcing everyone to go to the lobby, we decided to create a small mini-mode – Deathmatch. If there isn’t enough time to start a whole new round, you and other players will spawn close to each other and fight for your lives!


  • Added an automatic battle extension.
  • Added an automatic sign up for battles.
  • Added a Deathmatch mode.




Personal sounds


Sound system in the game continues to be improved with every update. This time there’s a whole new personal sounds system added to the game. The system allows to play sounds only for players that are actually affected by an event that triggers a sound. For example, such sounds would play when being hit or shooting an arrow.


There are some other additions as well, like sounds of clicking buttons, sounds for starting party or joining a server. The in-game sound system will continue to be improved over time, and it would be great if you could share your feedback on our Discord in the special #sound channel.


  • Added a personal sounds system.
  • Added UI sounds.



Ranged AI


AI has seen some changes in the past, and even the last update had many tweaks for behavior of the bots. Ranged AI has been left mostly untouched in the past, so there are some interesting changes coming now! Ranged bots behave much more like players when shooting with bows or crossbows. Simply running left or right won’t ensure your safety anymore and they will relocate whenever you try to hide behind an obstacle.

Because of the AI changes, Hold Your Ground has also been slightly update to allow ranged bots spawning alongside melee bots. Make sure your team has shielders!


  • Added a new ranged AI.
  • Added ranged bots to Hold Your Ground.




Bug fixes


  • Fixed the same button starting and canceling duels; Press G to cancel.
  • Fixed “Press F” message sometimes disappearing.
  • Fixed hair being removed from characters.

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