Main changes


Welcome to the Arena!


Heavy warriors being attacked from all sides, sneaky rogues snatching rewards in a chaos of a fight, screams, dead bodies, and gold – lots of gold. That’s the new Arena mode in the Lobby! It is a Free For All mode with no rules whatsoever – kill everything that moves as a lone wolf, group together to get better chances of survival, and, most importantly, open treasure chests to get rewards.


Your prizes vary from simple XP bonuses to pure gold to free items (and even special items in the future!). You’re also able to see how rare a chest is, so you know if it’s worth dying for depending on how big your reward might be.


The Arenas are located on both Lobby maps, and are currently quite simple in terms of their layout, but we’re thinking about creating more interesting environments to include a tactic approach instead of a straightforward chest rushing.


  • Added The Arena mode to the Lobby.




Lucky chests


You had to run around Conquest and Skirmish maps countless of times before in order to capture territories or kill your enemies, but there was never a purpose for exploring Lobby maps. It changes today! There are treasure chests that appear all around Lobby maps that can be opened to get their contents – XP, gold, or items.


Find hidden places you’ve never been to, take beautiful pictures of the scenery, and get prizes for doing so!


  • Added Treasure Chests to the Lobby.




Time to fight


Following the sombre mood of the new main menu scene, we’ve decided to update in-game feel as well. Starting small to gather feedback before moving on to changing the whole game, we’ve changed the lighting for Lobby maps, and created multiple times of the day – morning, day, evening, and night.


All of them are supposed to create a feeling of being a part of a war – washed out colours, fog on the battlefield, and so on. Let us know what you think about the new lighting, and how it is comparing to the old one!


  • Added new times of the day and lighting for Lobby maps.



Small improvements


Farming, but XP


There was recently a community discussion about Skirmish not providing enough Experience Points to be a valid source for leveling up. Reading through suggestion, we decided to increase XP gain on Skirmish mode for both round and map wins and loses. Go ahead and farm your way to retirement!


  • Increased XP gain on Skirmish.




Bug fixes


  • Fixed party members being kicked when joining Skirmish.
  • Fixed shield blocks in correct stances causing stuns and damaging a shield.
  • Fixed camera jittering when aiming with ranged weapons.
  • Fixed getting gold for all actions on Skirmish.
  • Fixed Protector title being awarded for every HYG win.
  • Fixed flag scaling on Conquest; If there are 10 or less players – 1 flag, 30 or less – 3 flags, 60 or less – 5 flags, over 60 – all flags.

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