Changelog –


Changelog –


Main changes




Progression system is very often a controversial topic to discuss, since everyone has their own idea of it. We’ve decided that changing the current system of linear stats increase into something that will allow to customize a character’s build instead of make it objectively stronger would be a very good addition to the game.


While there are other some more important tasks at the moment, we’ve implemented a part of it – Succession system. It allows to retire every time you hit level 50 and get enough Experience Points to get +2 of a chosen stat, and a new title to use in your name. Keep in mind that bonuses for retirement will be changed once the new system is ready!


Another important thing related to progression, is that we plan to do a full reset in near future, maybe a few weeks from now. We do plan to reward everyone who reached a high enough level before the reset, so start leveling up if yours is still low!


  • Added a Succession system.
  • Added a titles system.



Mysterious menu


The main menu is supposed to set a mood of the game when you see it. We’ve changed the scene to be very dark and somber, with dead bodies of fallen soldiers, bloody weapons from the aftermath of a deadly battle, and ruins of a long forgotten castle. The background for the barracks has also been changed to keep a similar feel to it when leaving the main menu.

To accompany all these visual changes, our composer Fin created a new main theme for the game. It conveys very similar feeling of sadness, and fits in the game perfectly. You can listen to it when going to the main menu, but expect a surprise with it in near future!


  • Added new main menu.
  • Added new background map for barracks.
  • Added new main theme.



Small improvements


Unique and strong


In order to make bots more unique, especially those in Hold Your Ground, their stats were made more different from each other’s. Now you can see fast and slow bots, strong and weak, and many combinations of other unique builds they use.


  • Increased differences between stats bots have.



One-handed preferences


We haven’t realized it before releasing Hold Your Ground, but bots seem to prefer polearm weapons over all other weapon types! We’ve set a static chance of each weapon type bots can use while spawning inside the Hold Your Ground mode, and made one-handed weapons the most preferred.


  • Added probabilities for bots of certain class to spawn.
  • Made polearm and two-hander bots more rare.



Increasing performance


More and more people start to beat high level waves on Hold Your Ground, having up to 30 bots spawning at the same time. It turned out to affect performance for some of the players without PC beasts, so we’ve decided to lower a number of bots available for dueling on all Duel servers as a temporary solution.


  • Reduced a number of bots outside the arena.





Forcing bots to behave as if they were alive increases immersion for every player participating in game modes where they’re present, which was the reason to include two quick changes for their behavior – allowing them to use Yell voice command, and making them leave Hold Your Ground through a gate instead of dying.


  • Made bots leave through HYG entrances after defeating all players instead of dying instantly.
  • Allowed bots to yell.



Convenient additions


Hold Your Ground turned out to be a quite popular game mode! Seeing this trend, we thought it would be a good idea to improve some of the shortcomings related to it, making it an even better experience.


  • Removed the suicide message when entering HYG.
  • Added a kill feed splitting for Duel and HYG; You can only see a kill feed of the mode you’re playing.
  • Added a waypoint for HYG to the HUD.
  • Allowed spectating only players in HYG.



Swing it one more time


While pressing F to offer a duel is convenient, swinging your sword, kicking or bashing your desired opponent is a lot more useful if you want to get his attention! Now you can simply hit whoever you want to duel, and it will automatically offer a duel.


  • Added a duel offering by attacking.



Shooting AI


Comparing to bots who use melee weapons, ranged bots were quite “dumb” with their weapons, making it hard to practice with a bow or a crossbow against them. With changes listed below, bots with ranged weapons will always prefer to fight with their main weapon. Get ready to shoot!


  • Made ranged bots switch to melee weapons only after being attacked in melee.
  • Made bots move back to an optimal range for attacking after a duel starts.
  • Made ranged bots switch back to ranged weapon after fighting in melee.



Neverending shield


Breaking a shield on Conquest or Skirmish is immersive and realistic, but losing one on Duel is simply annoying. Now you will automatically get your shield back once a new fight starts on Duel server, as long as you have one equipped in your Gear screen.


  • Added an automatic shield equip if it’s broken after a fight on Duel.



Join it!


Making UI for the lobby system as user-friendly as possible is a very important task, and while the total UI overhaul is still a work in progress, we’ve tweaked a few usability flaws like an unclear text and a lack of counter for a number of players required to join.


  • Changed text for entering Conquest and Skirmish.
  • Added a counter for required number of players to join Conquest or Skirmish.



Worthy reward


All warriors who complete the last wave of Hold Your Ground must be rewarded accordingly, and believe us when we tell it’s a really hard wave! Every player who is present when the last wave finishes will receive a special title to use instead of the ones given for succession.


  • Added a Hold Your Ground title for beating the last wave.



Don’t kick ’em


The main reason for this change was to prevent griefing by kicking and bashing fellow team mates while playing Conquest or Skirmish, but seeing some of the players abusing kicks to cheat in Hold Your Ground increased our assurance that it’s a very needed feature. Don’t kick or bash your team mates!


  • Added a team hit message when kicking and bashing team mates.



Everybody counts


In order to make it easier to choose which server to join, we’ve added a new player counter that shows population of all server in a selected region. Don’t forget about new bot modes present in lobbies!


  • Added player counter when selecting a lobby region.



Bug fixes


  • Fixed crossbow bots spinning.
  • Fixed ranged bots using invisible melee weapons.
  • Fixed players being able to offer duels to players in HYG.
  • Fixed player counter for HYG.
  • Fixed shield health bar not being empty after a shield breaks.
  • Fixed players not moving to servers unless invited to a party.
  • Fixed Duel servers restarting instantly after HYG resets.

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