Changelog –


Changelog –


Main changes


Hold Your Ground


A new game mode is now available! Hold Your Ground can be accessed by simply going to Duel server and pressing F when close to either of the arenas’ entrances. Your goal is to withstand waves of bots while fighting alongside other players, and defeat as many of them as possible. Each wave all participants receive an increased XP bonus, and one player is awarded as the most valuable player (MVP) with additional XP and a congratulatory message. Keep in mind that every new wave is harder than the last one!


  • Added a Hold Your Ground game mode to Duel mode.




They live


If you’ve ever been frustrated with bots on Duel servers behaving like medieval automatons while not in combat, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve removed that feature. Instead, bots now walk around the map, offering duels to players who don’t have opponents to practice, and constantly fight each other! In order to make them more distinctive from players, we’ve also changed the colors of their names and icons to red.


  • Added combat simulations for bots on Duel.
  • Added a duel offering logic for bots on Duel.
  • Changed bots’ names and icons to red.



Lobby system


Want to spend some quality time with your friend while waiting for more to join in order to start Conquest or Skirmish games? Now there is a smart lobby system available directly from the Duel! You’re free to fight one-on-one with other players or bots, cooperate in Hold Your Ground against waves, or just wander around the map and enjoy the nature. You can press F6 or F7 to sign up for either Conquest or Skirmish, and once there are five more players willing to join, you’ll be able to join together.


  • Added a new lobby system.



Combat changes


Raise your shield


Your shield is your cover! And not knowing when a shield will break might lead to an unpleasant surprise while in combat, which is why a new HUD element was added for those using shields – a shield hitpoints bar. It is located right under the health bar, making it easy to notice no matter how intense your fight is.



  • Added a shield hitpoints HUD element.



Block the stab



With some of the latest changes it became more apparent that stabs with two-handed weapons need to be tweaked a little. While missed stabs remained exactly the same, those stabs that actually hit other players require more time to recover and attack again.


  • Slightly increased recovery time for stabs when they successfully hit.



Eagle eye aim



There were many suggestions to tweak the camera while aiming with bows. Holding the bow after releasing an arrow was recently added, and now tweak for the camera’s placement and movement are implemented as well. The first change mainly affects angles at which a bow can be aimed, making it possible to shoot up and down. Use your surroundings to gain a high ground and shoot from safety! The second change altered the placement of the camera, resulting in a much more realistic aiming view.


  • Improved camera movement for bows.
  • Changed camera placement when aiming with a bow.



Bug fixes


  • Fixed shields not taking damage when holding RMB.
  • Fixed sometimes being kicked to main menu after joining a game server.
  • Fixed bodies blocking hits.

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