Changelog –


Changelog –


Main changes


Scalable flags


Expanding on the conquest mode mechanics, we’ve added a dynamic scalability feature for flags on bigger maps. A number of active flags will be changing as more players join a Conquest server, making maps fun to play on with both high and low number of people.


  • Added a scalable amount of flags.


Map changes


With implementation of flags scalability, reintroducing old maps became finally possible. The first map to make its return is the Castle. Bases were placed closer to each other than before, and flags were balanced not to favor a single team. Please tell us what you think about the map with these changes!


  • Added the Castle map with new flags placement.



Combat changes


Ranged – Live, Love, Shoot


After thoroughly studying all the feedback received from both ranged and melee players, it was decided to rebalance bows’ and crossbows’ builds.


Incredibly low bow holding time was neither realistic nor useful, resulting in its increase in this update. While experienced players might not have any trouble with quick aiming and shooting, less skilled bow enthusiasts didn’t have a choice but to shoot blindly because of the way holding worked.


  • Increased holding time for all bows by 40%.


Recent encumbrance update made it very hard to use anything but a shirt while having a ranged weapon equipped. In order to make the game more playable with a little bit heavier equipment, bows and crossbows received a reloading speed increase, as well as encumbrance effect reduce for reloading.


  • Increased reloading speed of all bows by 10%.
  • Increased reloading speed of all crossbows by 15%.
  • Slightly reduced overall encumbrance effect on reloading speed for ranged weapons.


Not to overpower archers and crossbowmen by allowing both quick reloading and fast movement, encumbrance effect wasn’t reduced for movement speed, but the stats were tweaked nonetheless. Ranged weapon now don’t have higher encumbrance than swords, but their weight stat increased, which affects their acceleration of sprint instead of their speed. Also, sprinting with crossbow was allowed to provide equal chances for all ranged players


  • Heavily reduced encumbrance of bows and crossbows.
  • Slightly increased weight of bows and crossbows.
  • Allowed sprinting while holding a crossbow.



Shield breaks again


Not long ago we’ve reduce a knock back when a shield breaks, but it turned out to be not enough. Knock back is now completely removed, and will be grateful to see your feedback on that! Shields now also receive damage from being hit with arrows and bolts, so take cover!


  • Removed knock back on shield breaking.
  • Added shield damage when hit with projectiles.



One-handed feint


Same as with all other melee weapon types, using one-handed weapons now allows to feint later after initiating an attack. Let us know if you find timing suitable or would rather like to allow even later or earlier swings.


  • Added late feints for one-handed weapons.



Small improvements


Population notifications


It’s no secret that clashing swords on Duel is oftentimes more fun than capturing flags with only a few people. If you join a Conquest server and it has less than 6 people, the game will ask if you’d like to join a Duel server instead, simply by pressing a button.


  • Added notifications when Conquest population is low.





Community events


More and more events start to take place in the game, and there was no way of knowing about them outside of our Discord channel until this update. All scheduled events are now shown right in the main menu of the game.


If you’d like to submit your event, please use our official forums to find an application template –,2460.0.html


  • Added a community events information to the main menu.



Discord = Communication


Community discussions are strongly encouraged! It allows for meaningful conversations about the game, easy way to share your feedback, submitting interesting suggestions, and reporting annoying bugs. To join our Discord channel, which is the most convenient way of communication, all you have to do is click the button in the main menu.


  • Added a button to the main menu that leads to the official Discord channel.



Cleaning the menu


Recent reintroduction of the patch notes window made the main menu a little bit too cluttered, forcing us to deal with it constantly being opened, since other elements were added to the menu as well. Now you’re free to close and open the changelog any time you want.


  • Made the patch notes window open only once after a patch.



UI visibility


The new UI is still in the hands of the artists, but we still made an attempt to add some quick fixes to the HUD. Most of the elements now have a temporary semi-transparent background to improve their visibility.


  • Added a temporary background for multiple UI elements.



Duels with bows (and crossbows)


As requested by archers and crossbowmen, all projectiles are now being reset once a new duel starts with a player or a bot. No respawn needed!


  • Added a projectile count reset when a duel starts.



We need more gold!


Players not knowing about their two additional coins for every first win of the day made it apparent that receiving coins requires an additional notification. Now you can track when you get coins the same way as XP notifications.


  • Added a notification for getting coins.


Bug fixes


  • Fixed swings doing damage when an opponent is behind.
  • Fixed arrows not showing when hitting a head.
  • Fixed arrows not showing when hitting a shield.
  • Fixed wrong bow models.
  • Fixed main menu UI scaling.

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