Changelog –


Changelog –


Main changes


Conquest flags


In order to have battles occur much quicker while playing on the Conquest mode maps, the initial capturing mechanic was slightly changed. Instead of being forced to run to the closest flags and take control over them without any fight, all flags but the central one are automatically captured and reinforced by the teams, leading to instant big combat situations around the main objective.


  • Changed initial flag ownership; Teams own all flags from the beginning except the central one.


First Win of the Day


To encourage everyone to do their best while fighting for territory control on the Conquest game mode, a feature called First Win of the Day was added. Every first win every day on any Conquest map will now give a thousand experience points more and two coins!


  • Added First Win of the Day.


Combat changes


Health tweak


Previous balancing patch brought many changes to the character stats and the way combat feels. We’ve been gathering your feedback, and now start changing some numbers a little bit. The first change, brought up as an issue with naked players taking too many hits, is lowering the overall health stat. It won’t make a big difference for those who prefer to invest into health, but better avoid being hit if you’re focusing on speed instead of survivability!


  • Reduced the overall health stat by 10.


Stun time


Increased attack speed led to more dynamic combat and made speed focused builds viable on the battlefield, but created some issues like the ability to constantly hit, making an opponent stunned indefinitely. Blocking stun time from all hits is now reduced to compensate for fast attacks, and will potentially be balanced further in the future.


  • Reduced a time a player cannot block after being stunned by 0.1s.


Shield breaking


If you’ve ever noticed shielders being knocked back very far after you break their shield, allowing them to avoid further hits, we encourage you to try that now! The knock back distance was heavily reduced, but your feedback will be very helpful to tweak it later on.


  • Reduced the shield breaking knock back distance.



Small improvements


Quick base return


Many of you mentioned that using the respawn feature to kill a character is very abusable, and is often used to reset health or teleport through the map. Respawn feature is valuable in case of being stuck somewhere, so removing it completely wasn’t an option. Instead, it is now a quick return to your base without suiciding.


  • Added a quick return to a base feature.


Bots’ difficulty


Since all players have different combat experience, the same bots’ difficulty could be either too hard or too easy. Now all bots are divided into three groups – Easy bots, Normal bots, and Hard bots. The higher the difficulty, the better techniques they use, so be careful not to underestimate them! Also, higher difficulty bots give more XP for killing them if you’re under level 30, encouraging everyone to try their luck with strong opponents.


  • Added bots with different difficulty.




Bots’ classes


To make sure everyone always has a desired training bot, whether it’s a shielder, a spearman, or any other warrior, special bots’ classes were introduced. From now on, there are always at least two bots of every class.


  • Added classes for bots in the Duel mode.


Team wounding


In response to suggestion to increase awareness about specific hits on the battlefield, a message about team wounding is now displayed for both players instead of just the one who’s inflicting damage. Try to improve your aim and pay attention!


  • Added a message for both players about team wounds.



Vile bushes


Giant’s Bowl and Pale Lake maps have been out for a week, and we’ve been gathering your feedback about their performance, gameplay aspect, and visuals. We’ll be responding to your suggestions, and at first, we’re making the central flag of the Pale Lake more accessible by allowing to go through all the bushes without being stuck in them.


  • Removed collision from bushes on Pale Lake map.


Shooting improved


Being able to see where arrows and bolts go after being shot is extremely important for precise aiming, therefore a feature to hold your ranged weapon in first person view after shooting it was added. Simply hold Right Mouse Button to stay in first person view after shooting.


  • Added a First Person View feature after shooting a ranged weapon.



Camera settings


Continuing with small improvements for ranged players in order to make sure shooting experience is fun, a separate camera sensitivity slider was added to the settings menu that allows adjusting sensitivity while aiming a bow or a crossbow.


  • Added a specific camera sensitivity setting for aiming a ranged weapon.



Bind them all


Customizability of key binding might be more important than you think. Setting keys close to movement keys would mean you can use those actions much quicker in a heat of a battle, and setting keys that are useless for you far from those keys would mean you won’t accidentally use them. Archers and crossbowmen now can set any key for any projectile they want to use, and everyone is free to change Voice Commands keys and Emotes keys as well.


  • Added rebindable Voice Commands, Emotes, and projectile types change buttons.


Bug fixes


  • Fixed wrong amount of players showing on the scoreboard on Duel servers.
  • Fixed bolts floating when hit someone.
  • Fixed animations being stuck when switching a weapon while attacking.
  • Fixed full movement speed applying while jumping.
  • Fixed spawning on the old Duel map.
  • Fixed falling underground on Giant’s Bowl.

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