Changelog –


Changelog –


While waiting for artists to finish their work on User Interface in order to continue with the progression system, the rest of the team has been working on multiple different features and improvements.

As mentioned earlier, the new conquest mode currently lacks some planned mechanics, and we will be implementing them shortly, thanks to all the feedback we received. Conquest improvement won’t be our only focus though, as there are many things we’d like to add in the next couple of updates.

Main changes


Projectiles switch mechanic


To further expand ranged combat and provide archers and crossbowmen with diverse experience, we’ve implemented a feature to switch between four arrows and four bolts. If your calling is ranged combat, you can choose which projectiles to shoot by pressing buttons 1, 2, 3, and 4 on your keyboard.




Keep in mind that it is a temporary solution, and will be changed as soon as the new UI is ready, allowing you to choose which type to equip.


  • Added a projectiles switching mechanic.


  • Added four new arrows.
  • Added four new bolts.







Duel practice – bots


Instead of fighting bots alone in the Practice mode, you now have an option to train your skills on the Duel mode as well. Bots with different skill levels are patiently waiting for duel requests, so go ahead and pick your opponent.


If you haven’t reached level 30 yet, you will also be getting XP for every bot you kill on Duel server!


  • Added bots to the Duel mode that can be dueled for experience points until level 30.




Map changes


Two new conquest maps with unique themes and lore were added. Made specifically for the new game mode, their size, flags placement, and paths were designed to make sure running is not tedious, but at the same time keeping some distance between flags.




All old maps but Push were removed for the time being, but might return in the future, once edited to work better with the new mechanics. We plan to add more maps in the future, and would love to hear your suggestions for settings!


New maps currently have two different versions, which have unique objectives’ placement, making total of five maps in the rotation.


  • Added a new conquest map – Giant’s Bowl.
  • Added a new conquest map – Pale Lake.


  • Removed old conquest maps except Push.




Combat changes


Jumping with encumbrance


As mentioned by many players, being able to jump and attack while fighting is not very believable. In order to make jumps more realistic, it was decided to make the encumbrance, introduced for attack speed in the previous update, affect jumping height of every character.


Don’t worry if you wear very light armor, but in case jumping high is something you need, prepare for equipment weight reduction!


  • Added the encumbrance feature affecting jumping height.





Encumbrance effect


After analyzing all the feedback from the last week, it was decided to allow wearing slightly heavier equipment without encumbrance penalties for attack speed. It’s very possible we will be tweaking it in the future as well, so let us know what you think!


  • Increased encumbrance effect starting value to 20 for attack speed.





Stabs and overheads


While keeping the swing speed of one-handed and two-handed weapons the same, their stabs and overheads were slowed down in order to avoid abuse, made possible with overall attack speed overhaul in the previous update.


  • Increased stabs and overheads durations for one-handed and two-handed weapons.




Small improvements


Skirmish mode


In response to many players asking for a possibility for more players to enjoy the Skirmish mode together, its maximum player count was increased. A community event has already been organized on Wednesday, and it is possible we will be adjusting our conquest maps in the future if current ones are found to be too small.


Skirmish event –,2446.0.html


  • Increased maximum player count on the Skirmish mode to 60.





Bots’ scaling


Fighting fully armored bots without equipment or peasant bots in plate might not be very fun, which is why a bots’ scaling feature was implemented. Only bots with levels close to your own are now available, but you’re still free to choose their combat skill of course.


  • Added bots scaling feature for practice





Team autobalance


Instead of waiting for players to die in combat in order to switch teams after being chosen by the autobalance feature, players now switch automatically if currently not fighting. Players who survive for a long time were making it impossible to balance both teams quickly enough.


  • Added an autoswitch when a player is chosen by the autobalance feature





Party autobalance


With non-staged rounds of the new Conquest mode, it was rather hard to end up in the same team even while being in a party, but a new party autobalance feature is here to ensure that party members are playing together.


  • Added a party autobalance feature





Spawn timer


Choosing the best place to spawn using a strategic approach, just to be late by a second before enemies weakened a flag might be annoying, which is why the spawn timer now starts counting right after the map view is opened.


  • Changed the respawn timer to start counting before choosing a flag.





Team damage


Less experienced players tend to accidentally hit their teammates more often, so instead of an automatic kick and ban, there is a public vote starting once someone does more than usual team damage.


  • Added an automatic vote instead of an autoban for team kills.





Health on Duel


If you’ve ever wondered around one of the Duel maps and lost accidentally lost health or got injured with the last blow from an opponent you killed, all your health will be restored once you start another duel.


  • Added a health bar on the Duel mode being reset when a duel starts.





Patch notes


The old patch notes window wasn’t the easiest tool to use, so we’ve changed it a little, made bigger to fit all text, and put back to the main menu.


  • Added patch notes window back to the main menu.





Bug fixes


  • Fixed the knightly shield not bashing.
  • Fixed pressing G to capture a flag on Skirmish not stopping the autorun.
  • Fixed TAB blocking movement on Skirmish and Duel.
  • Fixed aiming a bow without an arrow after shooting.
  • Fixed spawning without a weapon if it’s sold while being equipped.
  • Fixed no stun if a player is hit fast enough.
  • Fixed helmets having mail coifs instead of linen coifs in the shop.
  • Fixed spawning without a weapon if a player sells a currently equipped weapon.
  • Fixed Music option not affecting music volume.


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