Adding a couple of things in this week’s update! Not too big, but important for the game’s development, and more exciting features are on their way too. The most interesting change today is probably the one that allows to choose how many opponents you want to fight in Practice. As usual, all of them are real characters, so prepare to face an army led by your clone one day! Convenient team chat to continue with team communication improvement, sprint toggle option for those who like their little finger idle, and some other additions were also added since last week. Also, grasslands map from December made its return, and bug fixes go without saying.

  • Added a team chat (default T).
  • Added a sprint toggle option (Game Options – Controls)
  • Added an opponents amount option in Practice.
  • Added an option to spawn automatically on Conquest and Duel.
  • Changed a number of votes needed for a public vote.
  • Added grasslands map.


  • Fixed bots in Practice glitching when using only a shield.
  • Fixed bodies not dropping down.
  • Fixed breaking a shield not triggering a stun.
  • Fixed spears having incorrect names.
  • Fixed parry sound not playing for spears.
  • Fixed party members moving to different servers after a map change.
  • Fixed issues with respawning while in a duel.
  • Fixed voting mechanics.

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