The new patch is coming today as promised last week! As mentioned before, right now the team is focusing on dealing with all current issues, and making small, yet noticeable, changes. We would be happy to read more of your feedback once the update is available, especially if it’s about other bugs or preferred features. The server will not be available for a short period of time, but it’s a standard procedure.


Unfortunately, there is currently a temporary problem with Australian servers, but the team is working to resolve it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, connecting to an Australian server will use a server with the best ping.



  • Adjusted a stun time
  • Added a players counter to Matchmaking menu
  • Added a projectiles count for ranged weapons
  • Made it easier to switch from a ranged weapon when being attacked
  • Changed scoreboard’s layout by moving “Score” column



  • Fixed spawning underground
  • Fixed User Interface breaking when Voice Commands button is pressed twice
  • Removed an ability to equip a shield with an incompatible weapon
  • Fixed a weapon unsheathing again when a shield is being unequipped (including shield breaking)
  • Fixed arms being invisible when a short sleeved armor is equipped
  • Fixed trees floating on a conquest map
  • Fixed not being able to spawn with chat turned off
  • Fixed not being able to spawn without any equipment
  • Fixed a mouse cursor disappearing while in a menu
  • Fixed not being able to use ranged weapons properly in Practice mode
  • Fixed input being stuck when a chat window is opened
  • Fixed a character falling down in Appearance menu
  • Fixed Gear menu breaking when a specific sequence of items is selected
  • Removed an ability to sprint with an arrow knocked
  • Removed changeable arrow types until the feature is polished. Using voice commands while aiming is now always possible.

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