New Team Members!


New Team Members!

The team officially resumes the development of Of Kings And Men!

As mentioned before, the first step is to fix multiple bugs in the game, and get over some of the issues. Right now the bugs’ list is being sorted with issues prioritized based on previous feedback. After the game is stable, the team will start working on implementing new features, adding more content, and making sure everyone is happy with how the game is forming.

The team isn’t very big at the moment, but there is always a possibility to expand. It now consists of Hydro|Jevanko, who’s been working on the game alongside the old team, a new project manager, who will make sure the game is progressing in the right direction, two coders with years of game dev experience, and Pogosan – your humble community manager. There will also be people working with the game servers to provide the best possible connection, and part-time art developers like 3D artist, animation artists, and so on.

The new team members would like to focus on the job and not be disturbed at least at the beginning. Feel free to contact Pogosan any time if you would like to report something, provide feedback, or chat about the game.

Please tell what issues in the game you would like to see fixed first. Everything from armor clipping to severe server lag should be noted down, and your input will allow the team to be more efficient. Thanks in advance!


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